Monday, October 22, 2012

Still Waiting...

No BirchBox yet!

I emailed the company on 10/16 about needing information on the location of my box because the tracking number they sent me about 4 times had never updated. Two days later I get an email with a link to the same tracking number with an update that it was in New Jersey....UM HELLO BIRCHBOX THIS IS CRAY (In my Kanye West voice)!

So the projected delivery date was today 10/22....I'm at work (which is where I have all my big packages sent) and nothing yet because they tried to delivery on a Saturday after hours! Now all of our usual mail carriers KNOW that we close at 12pm on Saturday's so I had to wait another two days because I had this freaking box sent to work!

Oh well hopefully I will get it in a few fingers are crossed I don't have to go pick it up on my lunch hour (that would be the pits).

Update you guys later!


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