Thursday, October 25, 2012

Better late than never!

I finally got my BirchBox in!! It came on Monday a few hours after I posted this about still not receiving the package. Well here are some pictures of my box & it's contents as I opened it at work...

As you can see the only full size product I recieved was the Sprout lip balm. I didn't like the smell of it but my mom did so she now has another added to her collection. The other products I haven't tried yet but I do plan to. 


The Luna Bar is gross & I hope I don't get one next month >_<

Monday, October 22, 2012

Still Waiting...

No BirchBox yet!

I emailed the company on 10/16 about needing information on the location of my box because the tracking number they sent me about 4 times had never updated. Two days later I get an email with a link to the same tracking number with an update that it was in New Jersey....UM HELLO BIRCHBOX THIS IS CRAY (In my Kanye West voice)!

So the projected delivery date was today 10/22....I'm at work (which is where I have all my big packages sent) and nothing yet because they tried to delivery on a Saturday after hours! Now all of our usual mail carriers KNOW that we close at 12pm on Saturday's so I had to wait another two days because I had this freaking box sent to work!

Oh well hopefully I will get it in a few fingers are crossed I don't have to go pick it up on my lunch hour (that would be the pits).

Update you guys later!


Friday, October 12, 2012

October Birchbox Wait Game

I JUST got an email (10/11) with an information on my won't be shipping until 10/13 and I paid for the box 9/25...UM hello is this thing on!? That is craziness! They tried to make it better by giving me 100 points which is $10 towards a product in there shop...Ugh I hate waiting!

I guess I'll be one of the late bloomers and post my box in November...


Thursday, October 11, 2012

My First Julep Box/October Intro Box

Is here!!

It came to my job..well because I'm never home duh!!

Since this is my first box (The October Into Box) I got a nice welcome letter!

& a super cute Julep bag
The intro box comes with two polishes and a pedi creme..which I forgot to include :-/

I will update on my thoughts on the colors and how long they last :)

Give Julep a try for a PENNY! Just type in "Penny" in the discount code area & you're own your way to pretty nails!

Peak A Boo via Birchbox

Well, well, well look what I found!!!!

Information on what's in my Birchbox!

theBalm® cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer

Supergoop!® City Sunscreen Serum <-

LA FRESH® Eco Beauty Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover - Individual Packets (20 count)

LUNA Fiber Chocolate Raspberry <-

Sprout Lip Balm Flights <-

SOOOO...I still haven't received my box, my tracking number hasn't updated ANY info, Birchbox didn't send me an email about the tracking number being available online I had to go find it & that was on October 7th! Also I opt-ed out of the "Goop" box and 3 of the 5 things listed to come in my box are in the "Goopbox" -_-

In better news my Julep Maven box should be here today and I ordered that October 7th!! My only downside to Julep is they have re-done their website and I'm unable to log on to make changes to next month's box :( so it looks like I'll be making a call to them this after noon!

Until my boxes come in...Later Guys!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No Miles of Smiles here

So today has been the pits! I was hoping to see my Birchbox walk in with the UPS man this morning at work but he came in empty handed!


I say that because I've been waiting for my FIRST Birchbox since SEPTEMBER 26TH!

Well I do have an email that says it will ship on October 10th but my tracking number doesn't work and it's the 9th of October -_-

Oh well on the brighter side my Julep Maven box is shipped out today!! Yay!!

Off to "work" some more