Saturday, February 4, 2012

It’s been a while..

Since I’ve seen my blog!! So much has happened since my last post on January 21st! Welp no need to bring up the ugly past (rolling my eyes) so I’ll show you some of the gorgeous past outfits, Valentine décor,& places I was able to snap shots of :)
Dress&Shoes: Target
Shrug&Tights: Marshall’s
Belt: Old Navy
After a few pics with the sun setting I went across the street for Fro Yo!!! Pralines & Crème with granola&almonds yummy!
Just playing around, but I thought the picture came out nice!
My Cute shoes from Target! I got mom a pair too, so we are cheetah twins lol
I’ve been doing arts and crafts at work thanks to…
This is what happened lol! Pinterest, The Dollar Tree, tape, staples, & my ever busy mind gets you this…
These are just two of the 6 windows I did at work :) even the guys that come in like the décor & are getting into the spirit!! I hope we help a few ladies out this year lol…
Thanks for letting me share with you even though I’ve neglected you for so long! I still love you and I will try to do better, I promise!!

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