Sunday, February 5, 2012

Family Day…

Yesterday was spent with family members I haven’t seen in years!!! We were planning one of our family picnics for the spring! It’s going to be great!!!
No pictures to share this time because my grandma was the one snapping pics lol. 
A BIG shout out to PhillyDiva19154 for the inside on the Milani Cosmetics Sale at CVS! 75% off select items which unfortunately ended last night but Mom&I got 3 eye shadows for $1.72 each, 2 mineral blushes one for $1.82 and the other $1.75, 3 retractable eyeliners $1.82 each, and a 3d glaze lip gloss for $1.75 for a total of $17.06!!! Yeah I always have time to save money, even if it’s on make-up!
My grandma sales Mary Kay…I know, I know just another reason to add to the collection! Yeah she hooked me up with an early Valentine’s gift of MAKE-UP! She got me 2 crème lipsticks one in Mocha Freeze and the other in Whisper (great nudes for my skin tone), a lip gloss in Starry, mascara in black brown, and a liquid eye liner in black! I have a great NaNa!
<3 my family & the time we spend together. Laughs, tears, stories, & smiles. We are always there for each other no matter what happens or what someone needs.
Love You Blog Family, have a great week!!

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