Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thrifty Weekend..

Today was spent doing some thrifting :)
Mom, Dad, & I were up at the wee hours of the morning ok maybe more like 8 lol. We went to a few garage sales, Goodwill, and then dad’s favorite place…Sam’s Club lol.
After daddy had his little man fit and was ready to leave mom & I dropped him off at home and went to a few different thrift stores around town and a different Goodwill in town.
Things I got:
photo (5)Envelope clutch…$4.47
photo (3)Blue Strip button up…$3.99
photo (2)Red one button blazer…$3.00
photo (1)Black & White strip circle skirt..$2.99
photoBlack & white dot dress…$3.95
photo (4)Grey clutch(made from recycled seat belts{Maggie's Bags})…$6.99
& last but not least my most fabulous find an ARMANI SUIT!…$9.99 (it’s in the cleaners so no pic just yet)oday was fun! Glad I didn’t lay in bed all day, I would've missed out on some cute things :)

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