Sunday, January 8, 2012

Such a short weekend..

The weekend is coming to an end and I’m ready for Friday to get here :)
Let’s do a quick run through of my weekend………


Work, work, work, work lol Yeah I had to go in for a few hours then I washed my car. After about 2 hours spent on that I was ready to turn in for the night. I watched “The Notebook” then “Eat Pray Love”, two great movies on a night where I needed to chill.


I woke up and made breakfast, well until mom came and took over. I started on my portion of dinner, baked mac&cheese, after a great breakfast. Then we went to take some pictures of my brother for his senior announcements & for portraits to give out.
DSCN1353  DSCN1400  DSCN1384
There it is, my weekend!
Have a good week folks!

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