Thursday, January 19, 2012

It’s been a week….

Or longer lol
Since I posted and what a crazy week it has been! I would love to give the spill on the internet but I’m sure that isn’t the best idea. Well work has gone from ok to CRAZY but this LONG weekend was so needed :)
Things have been super crazy in my world since the last post but today I was able to go to the beach on my lunch to do a little thinking and take pics of my outfit today lol…here we go
My Outfit:
Simple white v-neck t-shirt (Wal-Mart)
Black Cardigan (TJ Maxx..I think)
Black Slacks (Charlotte Rousse)
Scarf (idk)
Jacket (Target)
Shoes, black wedges (super old idk)
Leopard Headband (Dollar Store..YUP you read it)
Sunglasses are Ray Banes (gifted)
My Jewels:
Chocolate color pearls
My usual ring sets
Leopard&silver layered bracelet
DSCN1453  DSCN1447
Happy Thursday!!!! I’m off to craft :)

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