Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dance Thursday!

Yesterday was such a crazy day I was in bed by 7:30!!!!
So today was a long silent day for me at work. I wasn’t really in the best mood due to the lack of sleep I’ve been experiencing lately so I was to myself most of the day. Got a package in the mail which took away 30mins of my lunch break but hey it’s ok.
Anyhow…today was the first day back to dance! I had two girls show up for class so we went over our tap dance & thought of different ideas for another dance. We also renamed out shoulders to shelbows :) lol inside joke.
Then came time for Ms. ZeZe to take her own class :-D
I was extra excited because Marika came back today!!! It was also her first dance class being able to hear! Check Out this post on what I’m talking about, She enjoyed class but did have a few difficulties with the volume and us tapping to loud lol but we got everything fixed and we tapped our hearts out and had fun!!
Then came time to help a student with a project for school which was a learning experience for everyone else that helped.
Now I’m home&in bed :)
Today went from blah to whoa, glad I made it through the day. I hope your day was good&your night is peaceful

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